Why Execution Intelligence is What Matters

My colleague, Rob Adams recently penned a compelling article regarding “Execution Intelligence”.  Here are the key “bullet points” :

“Execution intelligence has the following characteristics.

  • Domain knowledge. Experience in the market space equals special insight into customers’ unique problems. Is your management team experienced in the market space where you will compete?
  • Fast-growth scar tissue. Growth is hard. The more you’ve experienced it, the more effective you’ll be. Without it, you can’t deal with the ups and downs of rapid growth. At some point, a large, well-financed competitor will loom up overnight and bellow loudly. Can you deal with that?
  • Experience in competitive markets. Appreciate the competition. Know how to handle it. Know how to respond judiciously versus reacting emotionally.
  • Risk management. Those who can anticipate market trends can adapt more easily to market changes. Shifts in strategy or product lines are inevitable. Are you nimble? Can you cope?
  • A comprehensive experience profile across your management team. Marketing. Sales. Product development. You also need solid advisors. Taken together, your team members must have the marketing, technical, sales, and executive expertise it takes to grow and run a company.
  • Leadership know-how. Who can hire, motivate, and retain strong employees? Great leaders. As you grow, your corps of employees will expand faster than you can imagine and leadership will be critical. Can you recruit, retain, and effectively manage these people?”

Read the full post here.


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