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The essential attribute is self discipline

January 19, 2010

Great post by S. Anthony Iannarino on The Sales Blog.  Check it out at

  “To be effective in sales requires many and varied skill sets and attributes, all of which are essential. But only one of these attributes is the foundation for all of the others, making it the master key to sales effectiveness. It is the cornerstone on which all other attributes and skills are built. With this attribute your success in sales is all but guaranteed, and without it you are certain to fail.”


The Changing Face of Sales Leadership-

January 18, 2010

Another great post by Jonathan Farrington describing what company leaders should be thinking about as they assess their sales organizations and specifically, their sales leadership compentencies  (  There are some thoughtful quotes including: 

There is a difference between leadership and management. Leadership is of the spirit, management is of the mind. Managers are necessary, but leaders are essential. We must find managers who are not only skilled organisers, but inspired and inspiring leaders.” – Field Marshall Slim


Sales managers with an intimate feel for the selling process succeed because their staff regard them as part of the sales team but coaching the team is as important as playing in it. In other words, sales managers must be prepared to provide training, feedback and support to every individual within the team.”