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Dealing with Prospect’s Perception of Risk

October 8, 2009

Bob Apollo has hit the nail on the head with his recent post regarding dealing with “prospect’s perception of risk”  Sales teams that don’t explore the prospect’s perception of risk throughout the buying process risk failure or no decision.  Bob outlines three questions to explore, which expose the impact of the issue being addressed by the buying process:

  • What has caused the issue to become important at this point?
  • Who else is affected or impacted by this issue?
  • What would be the cost/impact of not dealing with this issue?

The answers to these questions will provide a roadmap to other stakeholders, and provide a means to avoid “no decision”. 


I recommend expanding Bob’s thesis and including a line of questioning and discussion which will expose the stakeholder’s individual professional and personal “wins” associated with the successful resolution of the problem to be addressed.  By understanding the impact on individual stakeholders, sales teams have an additional qualifier as to the individual and organizational focus on the successful implementation of a solution.