What Business Problem do you Solve?

I had a conversation recently with a real sales professional who reminded me in simple and direct terms, what I consider to be an imperative in sales discussions-WHAT BUSINESS PROBLEM DO YOU SOLVE?  He is in the sales training business (http://www.bettersellsolutions.com), and described an exercise with sales teams where he has them write down their best sale in the last six months.  Evidently the responses are 100% similar- “I sold 500 widgets to Acme Technology for XXX,XXX dollars.”  There is never a response that says I saved Acme Technology XXX,XXX dollars by eliminating bottlenecks in their distribution channels, and allowing them to expand into new markets…” 

It is essential to understand the business problem you solve, and drive the qualification discussion to that capability specifically.  In the best case, your discussion will result in a real opportunity that has high visibility within the prospective organization. In the 2nd best case you will know quickly that your capability is not a priority for the prospect,  which will allow you to move on to another prospect.


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