4 Responses to “Competitive Selling Fundamentals”

  1. Dave Stein Says:

    I’m with you. The competitive strategies and tactics can only be employed once the fundamentals are in place.

  2. dklawjr Says:

    Good point, Dave. I believe the internalization process and the development of effective counters can also be developed internally. The key is understanding your differentiating benefits, and leading your prospect to the conclusion that those benefits carry the most weight in the decision. This goes back to the questioning process and your ability to define the pain or expose the pain in your own areas of strength.

  3. Dave Stein Says:


    Your points are on target.

    I’d only like to add that once a sales manager is comfortable that her team is effectively employing these competitive selling fundamentals, they’ll have to move to the next level: understanding and internalizing each competitor’s strategies and tactics and developing counter-strategies and counter-tactics. There are a number of proven approaches to this: The TAS Group, Holden, Performance Methods, The Complex Sale and Revenue Storm are leaders in this area.

  4. jefflogden59 Says:

    Good post. Sales wins are more about you and the trust you build, not the disparaging words you say about your competitor. The more customer centric you are, the most you win. As David Meerman Scott says “No one cares about your product but you.”

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