Pre-call planning is essential!

Top sales executives are committed to employing  pre-call planning as the foundation for a successful meeting with a senior executive.  The mission of your meeting is to ensure a continued sales process (assuming your meeting is with a fully qualified prospect).  The mission of the pre-call planning process is to ensure a successful meeting.  To that end, establishing your personal and company value through intelligent questioning, effective objection handling, and reducing or eliminating the feeling of risk for your prospect is essential.   Mary Donato has penned a short but powerful description of a pre-call plan process in a recent Sales and Marketing Management article that I recommend.



One Response to “Pre-call planning is essential!”

  1. Mary Donato Says:

    Thanks for including my recent article “Pre-Call Planning for Success” on your blog site. It’s my first time to your site and I found it to be very informative. Feel free to direct your readers to the “Articles” section of my website where I post all the columns that I write for Sales & Marketing Management in this section.

    Mary Donato
    President, Applied Principles
    Associate Director, ISBM

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