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Pre-call planning is essential!

February 20, 2009

Top sales executives are committed to employing  pre-call planning as the foundation for a successful meeting with a senior executive.  The mission of your meeting is to ensure a continued sales process (assuming your meeting is with a fully qualified prospect).  The mission of the pre-call planning process is to ensure a successful meeting.  To that end, establishing your personal and company value through intelligent questioning, effective objection handling, and reducing or eliminating the feeling of risk for your prospect is essential.   Mary Donato has penned a short but powerful description of a pre-call plan process in a recent Sales and Marketing Management article that I recommend.


When you need to “assume”!

February 17, 2009

Jill Konrath makes a great point (complete with a phone script!) on why you must “assume” some things when calling senior executives. (Why you must assume….) It is crucial to establish yourself as credible immediately.  My strategy is to avoid “telling” the prospect about their business or challenges.  Rather I would start the call with “our customers are telling us how much the economy is impacting their ’09 plans, and how saving money on …….is critical. How are you and your team adjusting to the changing climate?”