One Response to “Strategy for the New Reality in Account Management”

  1. Jeff Bush Says:

    Good points all!

    This particularly slow period is a great time to increase customer intimacy. Aside from engaging the customer from the product or solution perspective in traditional means, other efforts can be made to gain a deeper understanding of how your solutions are being used, are they yielding an effective return, does the customer really understand the whole problem? Sales teams that take the time now to gain a greater understanding of their clients will be able to offer stronger “best, total” solutions when credit finally starts flowing again.

    Additionally, think about the whole supplier – customer experience. What are the relations like between your billing department and the customer’s account payable dept? Does it make sense to develop a relationship there? Where are the troubling ‘gotchas’ in the contract? Could be a great time to iron those out.

    Product Excellence companies and Low Cost Providers don’t necessarily have these opportunities as they are typically not close to the customer to begin with. Customer Intimate companies are, and they should take ever advantage that this downturn provides to deepen their relationship now, while the heat’s off.

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